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Meetings 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic all future Parish Council Meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice.

The link, meeting ID and password will be stated at the top of the agenda.

Meetings will start at 7.30pm


Date Meeting Agenda Minutes
3rd Feb Council Read Read
2nd Mar Council Read Read
6th April Council Postponed
4th May Annual Parish Meeting Postponed
14th May Annual Parish Council Meeting Postponed
14th May Council Postponed
1st June Council Read Read
6th July Council Read Read
7th Sept Council Read Read
5th Oct Council Read Read
2nd Nov Council - Budget Read Read
7th Dec Council - Precept Read Read



Meetings 2021

Date Meeting Agenda Minutes
1st Feb Council    
1st Mar Council    
12th April Council    
4th May Annual Parish Meeting    
10th May Annual Parish Council Meeting    
10th May Council    
7th June Council    
5th July Council    
6th Sept Council    
4th Oct Council    
1st Nov Council - Budget    
6th Dec Council - Precept    


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