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The Freedom of Information Act requires Councils to publish the contact information of all members of the Council (councillors) together with the Declarations of Interest which can be accessed by clicking on a members name. The Declaration will open in a new window. Councils must also make known where members have specific responsibilities within the council or represent the council on outside bodies.

Cllr. Simeon Achurch

7 Clinkard Place, Church Road, Lane End.

Declaration Of Interests

Responsible for Planning


Cllr. Graham Coulter (Vice Chairman)

2 Oak Tree Drive, Lane End. HP14 3EH

Declaration Of Interests

Responsible for Finance and Playing Fields



Cllr. Michael Detsiny (Chairman)

The Willows, Moorend Common, Frieth. RG9 6PU

Declaration Of Interests

Responsible for Finance


Cllr. Mandy Dunning

Beech House, 39 Beech Avenue, Lane End. HP14 3EQ

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Colin Harries

Old Barn Cottage, 62B The Row, Lane End, Bucks, HP14 3JU.

Declaration Of Interests

Responsible for Playing Field


Cllr. William Hunt

Sandbanks, Moor Common, Lane End. HP14 3HR

Declaration Of Interests

Responsibible for Planning


Cllr. Tim Nolan

2 Folly Cottages, Frieth. RG9 6PX

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Jane Osborn

Paxmoor, Church Path, Lane End. HP14 3HD

Declaration Of Interests



Cllr. Amanda Sarney

2 Ivy Place, Lane End. HP14 3LQ

Declaration Of Interests



Cllr. Callum Stewart

The Lupins, Wycombe Road, Studley Green, High Wycombe. HP14 3UY

Declaration Of Interests

Responsible for Planning and Playing Fields



Cllr. Keith Wright

1 Tapping Road, Lane End. HP14 3DY

Declaration Of Interests



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